Inclusive Approaches to Learning

Inclusive, humanistic and effective learning that leads to attitudinal shift and applied change.

Seeking a process that offers an inclusive, honest and effective pathway to improving outcomes in a wide range of contexts.

Successful self-development enhances engagement with improvement and change, and leads to greater productivity and satisfaction in the workplace

All the programmes are designed in the humanistic format of intervention and professional learning which Tīmoti’s experience has proven works in a profoundly effective way.

“When the heart is opened by a genuine human exploration of the facts, changes from the heart will then drive us forward. Facts, when offered within a Korowai/cloak of compassion and genuine care for others, and when journeys are shared and equally valued, are powerful indeed.

Reconciliation, as Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu and Gandhi each noted, comes from the heart. To walk with people and genuinely show them and share with them, through story, examples of the injustices, the manifest unfairness and tragic mistakes which were made in this nation in our past, has great potential to increase both understanding and empathy. These combined learnings create a powerful catalyst for attitudinal change and commitment to the actions and expectations which were the original intent of these venerated documents. Such empathetic learning allows not only for wrongs to be made visible, it also adds a sense or urgency for action to be taken to redress these wrongs.”

It is Tīmoti’s  profound belief that there is no greater catalyst to change than engaging people in authentic experiences and sharing stories and information in a way which allows them to connect their learning to their future actions. Equity, diversity and inclusiveness remain core to his work outcomes.

Whiria te tangata
Weave the people together

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