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Developing new understandings of events and supporting new journeys

“Tīmoti has been a successful counsellor across many fields for more than thirty years. He has counselled adults and youth and has worked in many institutions. A story teller, Tīmoti encourages those he works alongside to share their stories and to feel the power of what was, what is, and what could be. He believes in the power of building and working within strong meaningful and culturally located relationships and celebrates having authentic and genuine regard for all others.

A proven commitment to creating equitable relationships where diversity is celebrated, Tīmoti makes all people feel welcome, included, unconditionally accepted and held in high regard. He views his work as a counsellor as a privileged and sacred one. Having a natural affinity with the young and the old alike- people are drawn to his warmth, sincerity and humble approach. They seek his counsel, ‘bend his ear’ and trust him with their confidences readily. Tīmoti works in a collaborative way, listening to other’s views, and ensuring that they have ‘a voice’.

Tīmoti works in a professional, empathic way. He is a particularly good listener, and the curious questions that come from his careful listening ensure that his clients know that he is fully engaged with them. Using an eclectic approach to his work, Tīmoti mainly focuses on narrative approach. He contends that working through a humanistic, client-centred approach minimises defensiveness and opens spaces for greater understanding. Tīmoti believes that attitudinal change involves cognitive empathy as well as affective and compassionate empathy. He has always upheld the view that long-lasting change comes when intellect and knowledge are stimulated by engagement with the heart.

An important attribute is that Tīmoti recognises how groups of people, from various ages and cultures, communicate in different ways. He has found that adolescents are more able to communicate in a visual way and often uses the whiteboard creatively to assist students to tell their stories with confidence. Tīmoti has always sought out agencies and community services available to assist and enhance his work with people. He has held high-profile roles within communities so has been able to access valuable resources to assist and meet clients’ needs when required.

Tīmoti demonstrates his knowledge of the impact of colonisation and the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi Aotearoa, he embraces people regardless of race, creed or difference. He has been committed throughout his life (and career choices) to honouring the unique dual heritage of Aotearoa. He is a Treaty of Waitangi educator and facilitator who believes strongly in enacting its principles. Tīmoti believes that the Treaty welcomes and values the contributions, stories and pathways of all. Tīmoti is well aware of cultural discourse.


Tīmoti would never shy away from difficult or challenging issues or situations. He is a skilled mediator who believes in, and is happy and comfortable, facilitating whānau hui.

Tīmoti’s professional vision has always been to develop a culture of care and inclusion within the communities he works; and alongside this, to create cultural acceptance and tolerance. He is a person of unquestionable integrity. His life work has been dedicated to walking with people who need time to reflect on aspects within their lives and finding alternate and empowering pathways within their story. Life is a journey, and it helps to share that journey with others. The inclusion and valuing of every person’s life experiences remains central to his work.

Tīmoti is a competent and experienced counsellor, and mentor. He is an open educator- always encouraging others to share their thoughts and ideas with him. He believes we must consider new information and to avoid being static. By reflecting deeply on his work and ways forward, he supports those he is walking with through a genuine care model. He loves to learn from others and is open and reflective when possibilities are offered for his consideration.”

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    Tīmoti Harris
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